My name is Adam Israel, and I am a candidate to become the next Commissioner of Finance in the City of Saratoga Springs.

 I have a degree in business management and finance from RPI. I am an entrepreneur and father of two. I was born and raised in Saratoga Springs, with my mother still living in my childhood home. I care deeply for this city and I am excited to represent all Saratogians as the next commissioner of finance.


The COVID-19  pandemic has left Saratoga Springs facing challenges, but we can overcome these financial challenges to return to the prosperous city we were prior to the pandemic.        I am the candidate who is most qualified to lead Saratoga Springs back to financial stability, without cutting services or raising taxes. I have run businesses both large and small  and I have successfully navigated difficult financial times. I have faced financial challenges with my businesses, and I have always successfully overcome them. I have worked with people in the public and private sectors.  I have been successful at consensus building to solve complex problems . My education coupled with my experience running both small and large companies will be invaluable in working with the four other members of the council to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.


A True Independent Candidate

I am running as a true independent candidate. I believe the extreme ideologies and political zealots that have taken over the two major national parties inhibit political progress.  No longer can you be endorsed by a major party and be a moderate legislator. My true independence from any major party line  or endorsement allows me to sit on the City Council and make decisions that are best for the city, not the party. You can find Adam Israel & Robin Dalton for Mayor on the Saratoga Strong ballot line on Nov. 2nd!

Adam Israel for Commissioner of Finance

Show Your Support

I am asking you for your vote next November on the Saratoga Strong ballot line. I am excited for this opportunity, and I hope you are as well because we are Saratoga Strong, and we are stronger together to face the very real challenges that lie ahead. However running without party support means I am without committees to fund my campaign. Help me share my message with voters by donating below. Thank you!